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We are offering the choice of 2 different sets: either a black background or a white background. Practising with the different sets, we have found a few themes that work well; please do let us know if you would like to try any of these! We are also more than happy to shoot your ideas, but if this requires a specific outfit or prop, then please let us know in advance, so we can be prepared on the day

White background: simple shibari bum shot, bodyscape (+ wet white cloth over the body) fashion nude (big sunhat, + cocktail glass) black leather harness and mask (+ strap-on) art nude, white lace top

Black background: rain effect bum shot, bodyscape (+ wet white cloth over body) black leather harness and mask (+ strap on) art nude, white lace top, fashion nude (hat)

Time slots (GMT) as follows-
Black background:





12:40-13:10 – Booked

White background:






Each 30min slot is £60 and there is time to cover 2-3 different looks. There are a selection of outfits you can use, please let us know which outfits you would like to use and Jynx will be in that outfit for the beginning of the set. Changes during your set are possible but obviously eat into your allotted time.

Once we confirm a slot is available we will contact you about making the full payment using PayPal.

The shoot will be based outside. We are trying to take measures so that any rain showers do not stop the shoot fun, but if heavy showers persist or are forecast beforehand we will have to cancel the shoot. We will provide you with a refund and reschedule the shoot.

So for the remote shoots we are using zoom, this allows us to give you control over the computer and control of the camera. The software that is used is the canon tethering app. The camera settings and lighting will all be setup for you.

The camera is a Canon 5Ds shooting 50Mb images. Prime lenses are mostly used, and mostly a 50mm prime F1.2 lens and a 85mm F1.8 Lens. For the hot tub shoot these lenses seem to provide the best results. Lens can be changed during the shoot, there is a slight delay as this restarts the canon software. The camera is mounted using a pistol grip tripod head on a single pole light stand, with a quick height adjuster, and the light stand is on wheels, all this allows for quick changes in camera angles. A monitor is also connected to the camera so I can see what the remote users sees through the camera allowing a quick workflow of composition.

For sound we are using wireless conference speaker, however to aid communication between the remote user and myself I will be using a headset for the microphone. So Jynx will be able to hear your instructions but you will hear me clearly when moving the camera to ensure I have the angle you wish.

You will be sent a meeting invite, please connect up 5 mins before your shoot time. We will invite you in as soon as we can so we can get your session going. Should we encounter any delays our end we will endeavor to let you know.

After the shoot you will receive the raw files taken from your shoot.  The raw files are large so these might not be uploaded until the following day.  The files will be shared with you via Drop Box. Jynx works as an anonymous model, so I will need to remove any images that accidentally show too much of her face, but I will notify you if I do have to do this.  We also ask that the session is not screen recorded, and Jynx has a couple of moles and a c-section scar which we ask if they can be removed from any edits to help keep her anonymous.