Second shoot with Simon and I was so looking forward to it as we got some awesome images last time! Some of my favorties! And yet again, hes hit the nail on the head with loads of amazing ideas and images!

He is such an easy person to work with, he had all the gear and ideas, I didn’t do anything but pose (didn’t even open my suitcase!)

Simon is such a lovely person, we had such a laugh and couldn’t have been happier with how the evening went!

Ive already had a picture come through and oh my lord, its amazeballs! I actually love it and cant wait to put it on my port haha! Hes just has such a keen eye for a shot and then immense at editing too, what more can a model ask for? Chocolate cake? He had that too!

Thanks so much for another great shoot!

Cant wait until the summer and work together again!

100% Recommended!